3 Steps for Full Customer Engagement

Full customer engagement takes a number of factors to achieve. However i have narrowed down the 3 most crucial areas to focus on to truly get your customers engaged in your product. When these factors all work together customer really begin to notice that you business stands out.

1. Knowledge

2. Communication

3. Confidence

These are the 3 crucial areas managers must train their staff in to create a great experience and customer engagement.

Once staff build knowledge of the product on offer then they can achieve more up-selling. Once they achieve up-selling then they build more confidence and there is nothing more appealing from a customer point of view then a staff member with customer service confidence. The staff member has built charm and as a result they create a sense of genuine passion for their product and service.

Think of any time you have been really engaged in something. You are more alert, responsive, able to make quick decisions but more importantly you want to learn more about it. The moment you have engaged customers is the moment your customer interaction skills come onto play. When someone is engaged in your product they are much more likely to purchase more. Lets face it, when we are  having fun doing something we tend not to worry about how much we spend on it.

We just want the great experience to keep going.


Remember staff must be able to:

– Take orders quickly and efficiently (so they can spend more time focusing on customer engagement).

– Be charming & passionate

– Remember the little things (customers always remember the little extra things you do to make their experience more enjoyable)

Above all they must be relaxed in their encounters

Customers want an experience to take home with them and tell their friends and if you follow the 3 steps above you will see a massive shift in your staff customer interactions= and so will the customer!



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