Brand Mantra – Why Your Business Needs One

Sounds like a cool term doesn’t it? 🙂 Well it really is and i’m going to show you why and how your business get benefit from understanding brand mantra right now!

Brand mantra is the heart and soul of your brand or the essential core brand associations – but first lets start with what a ‘brand’  actually is.

Before i forget, i’m going to help you create your very own business brand mantra (and how it helps you with all your high end decision making) so keep reading! 🙂

Ok, so back to what a brand actually is.

A brand helps to differentiate one business to another. This can include its personality, its symbols, emotional benefits etc.

So what’s brand mantra then?

Brand mantra is not an advertising slogan, a catch phrase or a symbol. Brand mantra encapsulates the core of your product in a few words and is used as a basis for virtually all of your high end decision making! It encompasses your goals and objectives and helps employees understand why your business exists in the first place.

For example Disney’s brand mantra is ‘Fun Family Entertainment’. Now Disney don’t use these words to advertise their brand but too simply remind themselves of what the company is and what they stand for in the consumers eyes! A fast food business for example may have ‘healthy fast food’ as their brand mantra.

Now this can be a little difficult to figure out, so I have provided you with a few questions for you to answer to get you started!

Take as long as you need (it took me a while to determine what ours was at MasterHost – i think it changed maybe 3 times before i was satisfied with it!).

Ok lets do this!


– What are you trying to accomplish and what is the biggest benefit for your customers?

– What sort of words would CUSTOMERS use to describe your business?

– What’s your main objective of your business in only 2 or 3 words?


Now lets go back to the Disney example and break it down

Fun – This is benefit for the customer

Family Entertainment – This is Disney’s main objective AND what the customers would say to describe the business.


Trust me, if you can understand this, then decision-making will be far easier and more efficient. As a result your business will shine as a uniquely grounded and structured business in your eyes and your customers eyes!

So what’s your brand mantra?


Feel free to share some of your ideas on your brand mantra in the comments section. Id love to hear what you have come up with! The more you comment the more help you get to define yours!

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As always to your success (and an amazing 2014)




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