Customer Experience Specialist – My 3 Best Kept Secrets

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine.

I’m about to share with you the reason WHY i decided to become a customer experience specialist and why you need to take on mentality of a customer experience specialist RIGHT NOW before your competition does.

Here we go.

 The AH’HA moment

About five years ago i was working in a small cafe located just off the main street of a busy little town. We were renowned for our great coffee that was roasted just off site. Coffee was basically all we did. No breakfast. No Lunch. Just a couple of cakes and biscuits.

So you can imagine we HAD TO BE THE BEST at coffee, otherwise we were finished very quickly.

Being in front of the machine all day it was hard not to listen in on a few conversations from customers here and there. Besides hearing the normal discussions of “How have you been” and “Work has been hell”. I started to understand that they weren’t just here for our great coffee as i originally thought.

It was the fact that they could use our business as means to create an experience for themselves.

Of course the great coffee helped, but they were here to catch up with friends, read a book or simply meet work colleagues.

They were finding a place to create the best possible experience for themselves and were using our business and coffee as a destination.

The Gold Mine 

BOOM – It hit me!

I thought “If can create an environment that completely suits the customer experience, i can then attract more and more customers to do the same!”

Having a great product will get them in the door BUT creating a memorable experience when they are here will keep them coming back!

I saw that a lot of businesses focused so heavily on create a unique great product, (don’t get me wrong this is a crucial element in a businesses success) that they lost all momentum and focus with dealing with the actual customer when they arrived!

It was like serving a the best steak you have even eaten at a rock concert. How can i possible enjoy it in this environment?!


Highlighting you have the best service in town and serving rubbish food.

‘What the point?’ i asked myself.

5 years on –  i created MasterHost -Customer Experience Specialist.


Action List

After working with numerous award winning cafes, bars and restaurants throughout Australia, i have continually applied the following principles and ideas to ensure their ongoing success (even well after i left).

1 Watch and learn from your customers.

Do they seem unsettled?


What demographic interacts with you business the most and why do you think that is?

Remember to encourage conversations with your team to discover how the customer experience went. If the customer is willing to speak up for any reason, it deserves your attention.


2. Produce a customer-focused driven team

In all my years of experience, i made sure that customer service wasn’t a one off thing we did or was meant for only a few of the people in the team.

It was EVERYONES job 247 – a non-negotiable

Make sure this is vocalised in every meeting and every discussion.

It is just something you do everyday – make amazing customer experiences anyway you can.


3. Be flexible and adaptable

Keeping up with change is CRUCIAL. Whether its your online social media presence, changing customer preferences or reviewing your competition.

Be up to date and on top.

Try this simple test –

Google your business name and see what comes up.

Are people talking about you in a positive or negative manner?

Are you online at all?

Everyone is using their phones these days and there is an extremely high chance they will looking for your business online, so make sure your business has a healthy online presence.


Remember todays customers want great experiences with your business more than ever.

Creating great experiences helps you truly stand out and lead the charge against your competition.


So do you think you have what it takes to become a true customer experience specialist?


Think i have missed anything? Let me know in the below comments!

Would love to meet you and hear what you think is needed to become a customer experience specialist in todays market!





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