Customer Service is Dead

I believe customer service is dead.

Well ‘servicing’ them is anyway.

Bare with me…

The term ‘customer service’ has been used in every training manual since as long as i can remember – probably well before my time as well.

For me its outdated, bland and has no real appeal. I hate using the term to train new recruits and i especially cringe when i read it at the start of any training manual for a business.

I have worked in many fields of hospitality where i hosted a number of events, functions and corporate groups and i never felt like i was servicing someone.

When a customer left a cafe i worked with, the last thing i was thinking was that i ‘serviced’ them.

Lets rewind the clock a little. Back in the day you could get away with servicing customers because the customer didn’t have much of a choice. You normally had only one cafe, a bar and restaurant in a community. If you didn’t like it you couldn’t really go anywhere else. Thats all there was and for the most part you would bite your tongue, suck it up and try the business again. Servicing customers was all you had to really do.

Now the rules have changed and the customer holds all the cards. Being spoilt for choice they are looking for much, MUCH more then service. This is what you need as a basic beginning when starting out in the customer industry. To get any sort of traction you must focus on the whole customer experience from the second they walk in the door to the second they leave (even while they aren’t there as well).

I have always felt that i provide customers with a fun, memorable experience.

A customer experience.

Not a customer service.

So next time you are hosting a meeting discussing customer service strategies with your team, try and use the word ‘experience’ instead of ‘service’.

What can we do to improve the customer experience at our venue?

Do you think the customer experience is the best it can be here?

Whats your definition of customer experience?

Customer service is dead and the customer experience is todays benchmark to aim for to truly become competitive and successful.


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