A customer service story

An old video – but a relevant one.

This is actually on of the first videos i stumbled on years ago and i think is very relevant today.

What i loved about this customer service story was the effort taken to pass on a compliment.

People who are passionate about customer service thrive on feedback. To me, it charges my batteries and keeps me pushing even harder for the next customer.

But is positive feedback like this disappearing?

There are businesses out there excelling in great customer experiences but are they getting positive feedback or is this just the new customer expectation?

Its seem like we are quicker than ever to pass on a complaint rather than a compliment. Its much easier today to complain with all the online methods available as well. I believe customer expectations have risen substantially and why shouldn’t they? We are all spoilt of choice and live with an abundance mindset.

Over the years i begin interacting with customers and telling if they had a great time to share it online and with there friends. Another great idea to respond to any feedback you receive online, whether it be positive or negative, to highlight you are engaged with your customers every step of the way. This way you can create a true positive customer service story.

Something to think about. 🙂

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