Customer Service Training – What the Future Holds

Now this is a pretty heavy topic and means different things to different people in the business world.

Im sure you have heard your fair share of different customer service training methods, but the one thing that must remain constant is that the customer remains at the centre of the discussion.

Today i’m going to share with you why old customer service training methods are dead


the methods we use at Master Host to train our team in customer service training or as we say – ‘customer experience training’


Hi im Josh, creator of Master Host and im very happy you have joined us today!


First and foremost let me fill you in on a couple of reasons why old customer service training methods are finished

1) More competition means more customer expectations.

Today there are a lot more businesses like yours out there and all of them want a piece of the pie. Your not the only one of its kind in town and customers are expecting more from your business. If you dont step up – someone else will!

2) Communication Evolution

With social media flooding through the hospitality industry, traditional communication methods are just not enough. Giving great customer service training is much more now than just hellos, goodbyes and thankyou’s. Today you HAVE to engage on multiple levels to keep your customer interested.

Now there are a number of other reasons for this shift in customer service training but i believe these 2 are the most important for you to remember


OK – Now to share with you what we do here at Master Host and customer service training.


1) The Master Host crew doesn’t get complacent

If todays customers are expecting more with their interactions with businesses then so are we with one another. Complacency is a killer in any business type (espically hospitality).

Keep it interesting so your team will interested.


2) You Can NEVER communicate enough

Now i’m not just talking about pulling people up when they have done something wrong. Im talking about constantly engaging with your team to make the business more enjoyable for your team and the customers. Today you just cant sit back and expect things will work.

Be the influence and create an environment of discussion and progression


3) State what you stand for

What does your business stand for? Have you ever thought this aspect?

Im not just talking about giving good service and making customers happy. Im talking about core level aspects. Here our business oath to give you an example –

When you team has a core grounding and mutual understanding of what your business stands for, this then becomes the foundation for your customer service training. The LAST THING you want is a staff member you doesn’t understand your business and what its all about.


Golden Rule – Customer service training is

1 – Ongoing (you never stop teaching and inspiring)

2 – Everyones job ( It isn’t for a select few, its apart of everyones job)

I hope you enjoyed this brief insight into todays customer service training environment!


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