Customer Trends in Hospitality –  2013 Top 5

With 2013 coming to an end I can’t help but think what was achieved in the year gone by with both MasterHost and customers alike.

It’s easy to reflect on what we and our businesses have gone through – but what about our customers?

In what way have your customers changed and how did it affect your business in 2013?

What do you think were the biggest customer trends in hospitality?

Below I’m going to share with you what I believe were the TOP 5 biggest customer trends in hospitality for 2013


what you should expect for customer trends in 2014.

1) No Time

We all seem to be running low on time, yet we all have 24 hours in a day. Being short on time is nothing new, but this trend has had an impact on the hospitality industry. As the customer we want things faster. Whether it’s a drink, coffee or dinner we are all expecting things to be delivered a little quicker these days. Take Subway for example, you can get a sandwich in a matter of seconds and pay for it as well. You can make your own coffee from a pod machine at home in no time, or just get a freshly ground coffee at any nearly petrol station.

We are beginning to be surrounded  with businesses that can provide food and beverage options at a much faster rate than normal.  As a result customers are consciously and sub consciously expecting this same speed and efficiency on all fronts in cafes, bars and restaurants.

2) Convenience

Big customer trends in hospitality involve convenience and it’s becoming more important than ever. With competition being established around every nook and cranny, customers will always source the most appropriate cafe, bar, and restaurant for their needs.

More businesses = More Customer Convenience

3) Social Media

If you have been living under a rock it’s no surprise that social media is having a massive impact on your business. Whether it’s review sites like Urban Spoon, True Local or customer and business Facebook and Twitter pages, all of these have had a massive impact on your business in 2013 (and will continue to do so). With all the latest tech gadgets geared around boosting social media interaction with one another, this is one area you should pay very close attention to.

4) Consistency

Customers crave consistent products. If it’s good one time then they expect it to be the same the next. Simple as that. There is enough competition out there to remind the customer that if they don’t like your product then they can quickly move onto another. If you promise something then make sure you back it up with each and every future encounter.  This is a big one to remember for 2014

5)  Education

With the ease of information readily available at our finger tips it’s sometimes easy to forget that our customers are learning more about our products and services faster than ever. How many times have you come across someone who said they knew how to cook the perfect steak (better than your chef) or what milk goes best with certain coffee. The point is with more access to information, customers are turning up the heat with product specificity and are demanding more personalised products.

Now there are certainly other customer trends in hospitality to consider but I found these 5 to be up there in terms of importance.

By all means if you can think of any others let me know below in the comments section – I’d love to know of trends you think are important as well! 🙂

Ok, as promised!

Here are my MasterHost tips and strategies to prepare you for customer trends in hospitality in 2014:

–  Simplify your processes. Brain storm ideas on how to increase speed of delivery from when a customer orders to when they receive their order. Eg. are your payment methods quick and efficient & does your team have easy access to all your products etc.

– Your customers don’t keep coming back because of your table arrangements, lighting and music choice or your menu layout. They come back because they had a great experience with your product/service and they want that to happen again! Focus efforts on reminding staff on consistent products.

– Build an online presence and review comments and feedback on your venue. For the most part this is all FREE and shows your customers you are in tune with current technological trends. Just don’t take all things to heart and use only what will benefit you and your business.

– Focus your marketing efforts on promoting the strongest/best selling part of your business. Customer attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and will only remember certain parts of your business.

– Remind all of your team that customer service is EVERYONES job and is not something allocated to a certain department.

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Thanks again and I hope you had an amazing 2013!


To your success for 2014 🙂


Josh – The MasterHost

Customer Trends in Hospitality 2013

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