Customers Purchasing Process – Why Your Sales are Being Affected by Your Processes Everyday.

Do you ever stop to think that your customers purchasing process directly affects your sales?

Im here to say it does – in a very big way.

Ill fill you in on what a ‘customers purchasing process’ is and why you need to have a VERY stern look at your current systems and processes right now!

Im also going to tell how to ensure your customers spend the MOST amount of money every-time they come to your business.

Sound good?


Firstly though ill fill you in on what a ‘customers purchasing process’ actually is. The customers purchasing process is everything your customer goes through just before he or she enters your shop till the moment they leave. It is basically every step he or she takes to acquire your product/service and engage/use it.

Now we are in a ‘quick fix’ world today. If you need something, chances are we can get anytime of the day – compared to say 10 – 20 years ago. Remember when you were in school and you had to actually go into a library and find a book, read it and turn into an essay? Oh did i forget to say that was only when it was open unless you physically hired it?

Those were the days…..

Look at today – really have a good look.

With the help of internet (and much more) we now have  basically access to any piece of information – anytime, any day. We have 24/7 supermarkets, banking, networking, communication – you name it.

So where am i going with all of this?

Well we are now the generation of the instant gratification era – if we want it, we can get it.

So what does this mean for our customers?

(hint its the same for you and me)

We want easy access to your product with zero barriers and limitations. The less we have to think – the better. If we dont like it we go somewhere else – its as simple as what!

Customers hate barriers – so make it dead easy!

Make your customers purchasing process dead easy.

Right now have a look at the entire customers purchasing process in your business.

Now answer these questions for me:

Is it dead easy for them to find your business and engage with it? Not just the parking but on the internet, tourism businesses, affliate business etc.

Can they see your products or have access to information on your products straight away when i’m interacting with your business?

When the customers decide to order is the register or waiter/waitress instantly accessible or does the customer scramble to find where they have to order?

When ordering are you up to date with payment options? Cash, EFTPOS, Pay-wave. What are your customers actually using and does your business have the adequate resources to cope?

When they want to order anymore items, is the process just as easy as the previous question? Do barriers exist here?

These are but a few questions that you need to think about RIGHT NOW to LOWER the customers purchasing process.


Ill share with you how our MasterHost Trainees bust out the moves to get MASSIVE customer spending $$$$ through understanding the customers purchasing process


How they keep them  coming back again and again!

The Golden Rule is this – Make it dead easy and simple!

The more a customer has to think about buying something, the less inclined they spend.

Remind your staff that the ONLY answer should ever be – No worries! – Would you like to xxxx with your order? It goes very well together!

That’s it – all in a 3-4 seconds.

Remember if you can lower the time it takes to put through an order then you have MORE time to interact with them and build a relationship. This is where learning how to keep them coming back comes into.

Your customers purchasing process should NOT be based around actually ordering but on engaging and enticing them.

The customer always has an idea of what they want to order but TRUST me – they are always open to suggestion (they just don’t know it)

Ok so you have minimised the ordering process, made the easy up-sell and now its time to get them to come back again.

This is where the our Master Hosts really step up to the plate!

2 things happen when you engage with customers – you learn what they like (and dont like) and you learn their emotional trigger points. Now when you understand their emotional trigger points you really take the engagement to new levels. Reading customers is a skill that takes time and the only way you can do it is to engage with a LOT of people. When you stop engaging and just take orders you basically turn into a computer – much like the one processing the order.

NO customer wants to talk to a computer – they want engagement with their purchasing process.


Even if you think that they may not – they consciously, and more importantly sub-consciously, want it

You have remembered them and they have remembered you. This is why they came back – because you tailored a product/service for them.

Try looking at your team and see if the customers purchasing process is easy or hard AND is this limiting how much your team is engaging with your customers.

Now let me know what you think!

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Can you shed some light on this topic?


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And remember – keep it simple and engage more!



Managing Director – MasterHost




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