Get your team PUMPED about customer service in 3 simple steps!

As a customer experience specialist i am often told –

“I just want my team to give better customer service”


“I wish they understood how important customer service is”

Well after years of study, trials and errors, i’m going to share with your my TOP 3 strategies on how to get ANY team excited and PUMPED for exceptional customer service!

HINT: Its what i used in previous roles to get my teams energised and focused on the importance of customer service.


1) Be the Guru
You must become a customer experience specialist. Simple as that. To truly influence your team, you must lead by example and show your team you are serious about giving the best possible service to your customers – everyday.

Without this positive reinforcement your team are less likely to follow your lead and push the importance of customer service aside and just fall into their everyday role without giving it too much thought.

Be positive and your team will be positive.

Be excited about customer service and your team will be excited about customer service.

Only talk about giving great service and not constantly acting on it and your team will listen to you and constantly not act on it.

You and your team must develop a mutual understanding on what customer service means in your business.

Anyone who is great at customer service knows that its not something you do, but who you are as a person. It’s engrained in you and for what ever reason you are damn good at – so share this with your team.


2) Everyday Reminders
So you are now customer focused, driven machine! Well you’re now halfway there. The next step is constant positive reinforcement with your team. Reminders each day, little or small, that you are serious about customer service and the power it has.

Customer service is EVERYONES job and everyone must be made aware that you don’t stand for good service – you stand for incredible service. Service that leaves your customers content, excited and racing to come back again. No amount of advertising, great locations and product selection will ever be more effective than outstanding customer service.

A big point to consider as well is reminding your team to speak up and share their thoughts on customer service. Remind them of your experience and what you have been through. The good and bad, what you learnt and how you overcame certain situations.

In my experience you can never not communicate enough with your team. Yes you are the leader of your team, but your still a person learning the ins and outs of great customer service. Share your insights and i’m certain they will look up to you and follow your lead more than ever.


3) Customer Service Centred Business
Every single time you receive a positive comment about your customer service, remind your customer that its what you stand for in your business. You stand for an amazing customer experience each and every-time.  You are the circus in town and the customers are coming to watch you perform. There is no point setting up the big top if your performers aren’t willing to put on a show, let alone a half-arse show.

I cannot repeat this enough – you and your team are on show EVERY SINGLE DAY. Rain, hail or shine you are prepared to give the best possible customer experience.

It’s just a non-negotiable in my books.

There aren’t any second chances from customers any-more. There is someone else wanting your customers more than you and its up to you to prove them wrong. Centre your business as a customer service benchmark and your customers wont even think twice about trying anything else.


Because you have blown their expectations out of the water so much that there is no need for them to go anywhere else, let alone think about anything else!

Customer service centred businesses will lead the way into the future – i guarantee it!

Now is this a lot of work? Of course! But your only other option is too slowly fad away into the dark and let someone else take away your customers.

One by one.

I  have seen this far too much and it kills me!

I DONT want this too happen to you as well.

Remember when your customers have fun, then you have fun. When you start to have fun, then your job becomes more fun. This isn’t a silly point – it’s is the truth. The problem is that most businesses can turn customer service into a chore as opposed to seeing it for what it actually – the core of a successful business.

Yes its tiring and it does take constant training, but it’s needed in todays competitive service industry. There is light at the end of the tunnel because when your team starts picking up on your passion than they start to pick up the slack for you.

You start seeing your team doing what you do.

You see the passion in their eyes.

You start working as one monster customer service machine, blowing away any customer that works through the door.

Then it truly starts to become organic and growing on its own.

Remember it’s not enough to be a great business anymore, you need to be an incredible one.

Incredible customer service will get you there!


Think i have missed anything? Let me know in the below comments!

Would love to meet you and hear what you think is needed to become a customer service guru in todays market!





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