Customer Service Boot-Camp Guide Ebook

Customer Service Boot-Camp Guide (ebook)


Lets get one thing straight – customer service is MUCH more than just ‘serving’ people. It involves every interaction with your customer from the start to finish. Nearly everyone has their own idea of what customer service actually is, but in the end it means different things to different people. All that matters is how your customers perceive your service. I often hear managers and supervisors saying ‘we want to give amazing customer service in our business,’ but I can’t help but think:

Then what’s your amazing customer service training technique for your team?

It’s all well and good to want to give great customer service, but –

How do you actually do it?

What do you do to train your staff?

What procedures and plans are in place to encourage your team to keep a high level

of customer satisfaction?

Is there passion and focus from the top, or is it every person for themselves?

The reality is that you must create the idea of putting your customer in the centre of your business. You must push the notion that:

– We don’t GIVE great customer service.

– Great customer service experiences are just part of WHO WE ARE here.

We are all in the customer service industry. It doesn’t matter what your business actually is and what it does, your goal is to create a business with the customer in mind from the start to finish. Day in and day out you are on show.

Every customer that comes to your business is coming to see the main event and if your performers aren’t ready to perform, it is a waste. People come to your business because they love what you do, what you have to offer and how they are served through the whole process.

This is why I created the Customer Service Boot-Camp Guide. It is to reinforce your passion for great customer service and sharing that vision with your team. It includes exercises to not only unearth what your team feels about customer service, but activities and strategies that they can do each week to keep them energised and on the ball.

Product Description

Strategies, role-plays and questions to break bad customer service habits and rebuild a customer focused, hungry team.

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