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Mastering Front of House (ebook)


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This eBook is about breaking down everything I have learnt, studied, observed and put into practice in front of house operations, from Australia’s leading café, bars and restaurant owners. In my experience the front of house is where the magic happens and it’s your goal to deliver a consistent happy customer experience from a consistent well-balanced passionate team. It all happens when you first walk through the door of a venue and discover the culture, history and products that are on offer. This first impression mixed with knowledgeable, friendly and passionate staff is the golden key to a successful vibrant establishment. In this guide I will teach you step by step to become a MasterHost for your front of house.

I have managed and worked with award winning local bars and restaurants, to AHA bars of the year. I have studied and tested what works and more importantly – what  doesn’t. How to attract people to a venue and what turns them away and how to create something unique that customers feel there is no other substitute.

Ultimately the idea behind these 10 aspects is to make your job easier and take the pressure off you and your venue when you’re not around. For most of us these days it’s almost the opposite. Longer days, systems that are having constant issues, empty seats, staff and management dramas and pilling up bills that can at times feel like your career choice is more like a prison.

What if I told you that these issues and more could be resolved? Imagine walking into your venue and seeing a confident, hardworking team creating an environment you had always envisioned.

Imagine happy satisfied customers that keep coming back and become your word of mouth advertising team to all their friends and family. I’m here to tell you that you can create this. However this isn’t a quick fix or magic pill scenario. Fixing the potential hazards and setbacks in your venue will require you to step back and reconnect with your venue and look at it in a new perspective.

The good news is that I have done the hard work for you and success can be achieved by implementing this step by step guide. It’s easy to follow & all you will need is a pen and an open mind. I will be regularly providing you with action lists to keep you on the right path. Answers to those questions you weren’t sure how to answer. What to look for to recruit the right staff and how to engage with your team to gain respect, trust and loyalty.

Also included are first hand customer/staff scenarios, such as complaints and what you need to say to win back any customer from any situation. I am honestly giving up my best tactics and strategies in front of house scenarios. I want to get you excited again about what it means to be in hospitality. The feeling of excitement, ambition and passion that you had when you first took on your venture will be unearthed in this e-book, so you can tackle the future head on with more focus and commitment than ever.

Remember this e-book is here to work for you and be your secret weapon, so take as long as you need and study it at your own pace!

Don’t take my word for it – see what others say!

“Joshua Clifton’s experience shines through in this book. It’s refreshing to come across someone who walks the walk. His writing is direct and cuts through the romance of managing a front of house team. His book ‘Mastering Front of House’ delivers on its promise, Josh holds your hand through this book and assists you step by step in setting up a system that pays immeasurable dividends. Take his advice and stop ignoring the importance of first impressions and customer interaction. If you have chance to buy this ebook – buy 2 of them!”

Peter Giannakis

“An inspiring, useful book”

Micah Soloman

Author, Speaker, Customer Relations Expert –

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