What is a MasterHost?

A MasterHost understands todays customers and the power of creating amazing customer experiences.

We live in a customer experience world. With the speed of communication, the ways we connect with one another and the choice of products/services available, the customer is extremely powerful. It truly makes sense to develop your business around your customers and adapt a MasterHost mindset.  I use the word ‘Host’ because i found this is how interactions should feel like in any customer focused business.

Think of when you throw a party that you have invited friends, family and guests too. As the host of the party you create something special for these people and  give them an amazing experience to remember. You as the host, are consistently making sure every goes as planned and your friends are enjoying themselves to their full potential. You understand that everyone is different and ensure everyone gets the best possible attention. You also understand that their will be setbacks and problems but its your job to remain in control and keep focused on the big picture.

Being a MasterHost is what we strive to be for our customers. Its a focus and mindset that the big players in the industry understand and use every day. Its one i want to teach you as well to achieve this same success! It starts with creating a new set of fundamental rules for your you and your team and i’m going to share it with you right now!

Below is our business oath that we share with our customers. Its what use everyday to remind ourselves who we are what we want for our customers


A MasterHost is someone who wants the ultimate experience for their customers

A MasterHost is someone who works tirelessly to ensure their customers experience exactly what their establishment set out to achieve.

A MasterHost creates and maintains their business to continually revolve it around their customers including EVERY business decision made

A MasterHost remains calm, collected and leads their team with passion, direction and confidence

A MasterHost understands that they are only as strong as the team behind and knows all must work together to deliver consistent exceptional experiences for their customers

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One more thing –

We thrive on feedback. Its what makes our business consistently evolve and ensures you get the right information at the right time. We love working with new businesses ESPECIALLY ones that follow our passion on amazing customer experiences.

If you want to share your business and its focus on being an amazing host then send me an email in the contacts page or in the comments below.

We will introducing feature articles to our website very soon, so make sure you send in why you think your business follows the MasterHost approach and how you are working everyday to create the ultimate customer experience!

To your success,



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